Welcome to Counterbalance Counseling

Creating a warm and trusting environment for clients seeking to address situational and/or emotional challenges that life and growth brings is Sydney's goal for psychotherapy. Sydney's psychodynamic approach to counseling is rooted in an interpersonal approach and she believes therapy is most beneficial when clients and therapists feel comfortable with one another, aligned in the counseling goals, and can build a trusting relationship. Sydney focuses both on establishing a non-judgmental and warm connection with clients seeking to achieve personal goals and/or work through challenges, and also offers insight to clients as a way to understand potential events and personal history that may have had an impact on interpersonal satisfaction and effectiveness throughout his or her everyday lives, whether it be from a traumatic event or life stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a long-term mental illness?

Sydney welcomes all inquiries so please do not hesitate to contact us. Sydney has experience working with major mental illnesses and believes that whole-life improvement and functionality are attainable goals for everyone, no matter what you struggle with.

How do I get started?

You may contact Sydney directly via phone or email her. Your phone call or email will be returned within 24 business hours - being responsive is VERY important to us!

What can I expect during our initial interaction?

During the initial phone consultation, you are welcome to ask questions about the counseling style, experience, Sydney herself, financial options, and the types of things the counseling process may entail. Sydney will most likely ask about what encouraged you to seek therapy - and we'll go from there!

What happens after the initial phone consultation?

If you feel you would like to continue after our chat on the phone, we will schedule an in-person 75ish minute initial evaluation to review the counseling process, new patient forms, and a general get-to-know you session. From there, we will determine what kind of a treatment and meeting schedule would be most beneficial for you.

What do I need to prepare prior to my first in-person session?

There are a few forms to be completed at your first visit. Sydney will have them for you when you arrive and will help complete them. These forms are: disclosure statement, confidentiality / HIPPA statement, quick demographic form, and the client financial policy. If you plan on using insurance, it is also helpful for us to get a quote beforehand so both you and Sydney know what to expect, financially. See the Insurance section of the website to learn how to do this. If this doesn't happen beforehand, no problem, it can be done in session. No stress!

What if I decide I don’t want to pursue counseling with you?

There are no obligations. The initial phone consultation is free. During this call, we discuss what prompted you to reach out in the first place, and not everyone will feel that we are a good “fit” for his or her specific needs. If you do not wish to pursue counseling at Counterbalance after our discussion, then we will be happy to assist in providing a referral to another treatment source if you so wish.