About Counterbalance Counseling

Austin native Sydney McQuade noticed a strong need in the mental health industry for genuine customer service, comprehensive engagement, and first-class clinical approaches in Austin, TX.

Counterbalance Counseling was founded to provide a vital solution to the local community.

Our interpersonal and holistic approach to counseling makes treatment at Counterbalance Counseling individual, yet realistic. It is important to experience trust, acceptance, and kindness in order to feel truly “seen” when engaging in the counseling relationship. We know this can be difficult as most individuals and families are in a vulnerable place while seeking help.

That’s why we approach every counseling relationship with a client-first attitude dedicated to providing incredible service. Counterbalance always has and will continue to serve clients at the highest standard of care.  

Counterbalance Counseling Mission

At Counterbalance Counseling, you will experience excellent service and instant engagement around investment in your goals. Our aim is that you feel a healthy balance of warmth and professionalism at appointments and see progress towards your goals. 

We seek to blend the traditional, steadfast tenets of a therapeutic relationship based on non-judgment and care with modern evidence-based treatments to achieve optimal results with our clients.

What to Expect When Visiting Counterbalance Counseling

Clients frequently ask how often they should attend counseling sessions.
At Counterbalance Counseling, we believe that clients often know best about when they need to come in.

With new clients, we typically suggest one session per week to establish a cohesive relationship with their therapist. After the initial fit, we believe most clients will know how often they need to visit, and if we have a differing clinical opinion, we will share it! Clients often add extra sessions during more challenging times or while working through particularly sensitive trauma. 

Sessions generally last 50-55 minutes.

The Counterbalance Approach

Trauma has always been a lens through which Counterbalance Counseling operates. Whether the trauma one faces is life-threatening (we call this “big-T Trauma”) or more nuanced attachment, or shame-based (we call this “small-t trauma”), we all have some version of a stuck point in this area. 

We use a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches and conceptualizations, such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy with our clients. Our blend of methods at Counterbalance Counseling engages common distressing challenges along with helping clients achieve their other mental health goals.