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What is EMDR?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) is a psychotherapy approach originally designed to alleviate distress created by trauma and traumatic memories.


EMDR is an approach that falls under the Adaptive Information Processing Model. This model provides a structure for processing, storing, retrieving, and living with memories and information in our brains.

The EMDR method helps the client access and activate stored information; specifically, the problematic stored information such as traumatic memories or other adverse life events. The process then brings the memories to an adaptive resolution.

EMDR is well known as a kind, gentle way of treating trauma that leads clients to peace of mind with little verbalization to describe the traumatic event(s).

This is done by using eye movements or a form of bilateral stimulation (holding a buzzer in each hand or tapping on each side of your body) to activate both brain hemispheres. Years of research have demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach. 

Our providers are constantly amazed at how much peace and resolution EMDR provides to clients. Please watch this helpful video about EMDR that our local EMDR International Association has published.

EMDR at Counterbalance Counseling & Psychiatry

Just like any approach to mental health, clients should have a choice on whether they would like to use EMDR in their therapy.

At Counterbalance Counseling & Psychiatry, we offer EMDR as a treatment modality in a number of ways.  Given that EMDR is not only a specific trauma recovery intervention but is also a stand-alone psychotherapeutic modality, clients can opt into the intervention in a way.

If traditional EMDR is being utilized in its full form (Phases 1 – 8) clients will be asked to sign consent forms, which is the specific standard of care if any provider, anywhere, is utilizing EMDR in its standard form or standard protocol. 

EMDR is an evidence-based and thoroughly researched approach to mental health, making it an appropriate, successful choice as an intervention at any age. EMDR is always fully covered under general behavioral health benefits and clients are encouraged to advocate for this approach or to freely opt out. 

Professional EMDR Consultation for Providers

Counterbalance Counseling & Psychiatry also offers EMDRIA-certified EMDR professional consultation services for providers seeking to complete their EMDR Certification. 

If you are an EMDR-trained provider interested in learning more and receiving some of your overall consultation hours from Counterbalance Counseling & Psychiatry, we would love to hear from you.  We enjoy sharing knowledge and building professional relationships!

Duration of EMDR Session

EMDR sessions can last from 20 minutes to the entire 55-minute appointment. An EMDR appointment can be scheduled simultaneously with general talk therapy or as an individual treatment session.

Learn more about EMDR here or on our EMDR page.

At Counterbalance Counseling & Psychiatry, we prefer getting to know clients a little before adding in EMDR-specific processing. Generally, a strong therapeutic relationship allows for better engagement within EMDR.

This helps our clinicians understand more about the client and their individual “blueprint” while working with embedded memories, which at times can be quite complex. 

All therapists at Counterbalance Counseling & Psychiatry are trained in EMDR and incorporate it into their clinical practice with clients.

Interested in EMDR?

Please feel free to inquire via our contact form if you are interested.