Teen Therapy at Counterbalance Counseling & Psychiatry

Adolescence can be an ambiguous time, but it doesn’t have to be filled with challenges. Adolescents are often torn between their actual developmental age and a society that pushes them to more mature behavior. All too often they are simply misunderstood.


Because adolescent clients are skilled at surviving this reality and other circumstances, the need for counseling may not always be apparent. Often, the need for counseling can appear in subtle ways like withdrawal, isolation, or a lack of interest in things they historically found enjoyable.

Building Trust with Teen Clients

At Counterbalance Counseling & Psychiatry, we align with our adolescent clients to build trust and rapport while remaining transparent. We advocate on their behalf while facilitating healthy communication and nurturing their relationships.

Is Therapy Right for My Teen?

At Counterbalance Counseling & Psychiatry, we work with adolescents from all backgrounds and life circumstances.

Teens experiencing any of the following challenges could benefit from Counterbalance Counseling & Psychiatry:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety-related behaviors
  • Social challenges
  • Developmental struggles
  • Disordered eating symptoms
  • Difficult family dynamics
  • And many other less traditional challenges

We also offer individual-based medication management for teens 16 and over so your child’s treatment remains cohesive and handled with care.

Start on the path of healing for your teen with clinics and telehealth available in Austin and El Paso.