Why is Medication Necessary to Treat Mental Illness?

Let’s envision the two main parts of a computer system: the hardware and software. They both need to perform their jobs in unison to be a single functional unit. Our brain works similarly, where areas require the right balance of chemicals to function properly. The hardware refers to the physical brain, while the software pertains […]

What Does Integrative Psychiatry Mean  

What does receiving integrative psychiatric care encompass?  Seeking treatment for your mental health via integrative psychiatry involves many different factors. When we describe the phrase “Integrative Psychiatry” (whether it is here in Austin, in the state of Texas, or in other places in the world), typically we think of a few main characteristics, all of […]

Physician Assistant (PA) as a Psychiatric Specialist

I recently emailed a friend and colleague letting her know that our new Physician Assistant, specializing in psychiatric medication management at our outpatient group therapy practice in Austin, had openings and was ready to see clients!  I sent many details her way only to be met with the question, “Can a PA see clients independently […]